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Grease Complete Line

AF-MOLY – 3% Moly Heavy Duty Grease

AF MOLY is heavy-duty grease for applications where the presence of molybdenum disulfide can be helpful. AF MOLY contains 3% molybdenum disulfide, which provides dry film lubrication for load-bearing surfaces where the grease may tend to be squeezed out.

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AF-MOLY PLUS – 5% Moly Heavy Duty Grease

AF-MOLY PLUS is heavy duty grease that is fortified with 5% molybdenum disulfide to provide dry film lubrication for load-bearing surfaces in those applications where the grease may tend to be squeezed out and where there is a high degree of rubbing rather than rolling motion.

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LUBEX CG – Premium Grease

LUBEX CG is grease specifically formulated for a variety of specialized applications. It has enhanced adhesion and cohesion and a high viscosity oil component. The enhanced adhesion means that the grease appears tacky, while the enhanced cohesion and the high viscosity oil mean that the grease resists being expelled by high loads or by high centrifugal forces such as in mechanical couplings.

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LUBEX EP – Premium Multipurpose Grease

LUBEX EP is premium grease developed to meet the growing demand for higher quality multipurpose grease. The grease is able to give top-level protection from extreme pressure (EP) load wear and damage, as well as protection from corrosion and rust. It has a very high dropping point and excellent resistance to oxidation.

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LUBEX EP 2 SPECIAL – High Performance Multipurpose Grease

LUBEX EP SPECIAL is high performance grease developed to meet the needs of today’s demanding industrial and heavy commercial users where typical EP grease is not enough. The Lithium complex thickener gives a wider range of performance benefits over a wider range of applications.

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LUBEX FG – Multipurpose Food Grade Grease

LUBEX FG is off-white coloured multipurpose grease specifically developed for the food industry. LUBEX FG Greases performance makes it a good general-purpose product for use throughout food-processing operations.

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LUBEX MP – Multipurpose Grease

LUBEX MP grease was developed to be a high quality general purpose grease for bearing applications in commercial and consumer applications. The high quality lithium thickener provides a wide range of performance benefits over a variety of non-disc brake wheel bearing applications.

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LUBEX SYN – Synthetic Grease

LUBEX SYN are synthetic greases that use patented Calcium Sulfonate complex thickener technology along with a synthetic PAO* oil to offer particular benefits not open to conventional greases. Recommended for use wherever extreme temperatures call for grease with extended performance.

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WEARTEX – Semi-Fluid Extreme Pressure Grease

WEARTEX is semi-fluid grease using a Lithium complex thickener. It provides excellent rust protection and has excellent resistance to oxidation, giving long and durable service. Although semi-fluid, WEARTEX has a very high dropping point. This, along with WEARTEX’s excellent resistance to oxidation, makes it a grease that can be used even in the hottest environments, use full up to 180ºC (350ºF).

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