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Irving Blending & Packaging has been HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS since 1924.

Custom Lubricants, Chemicals & DEF

From Eastern Canada to New England and around the globe, we supply over 1200 quality products and services that keep our customers moving. We provide premier blending, packaging, storage and marketing services of Irving Oil, Cobra and private label branded lubricants, chemicals and diesel exhaust fluid.

What Irving does

Providing our customers with diverse, quality products is our specialty. We operate one of the largest end-to-end blending and packaging facilities in North America. At our facility in Saint John, NB, we produce more than 2,700 finished lubricant, chemical and DEF SKUs for distribution around the globe.

Irving Facilities

Our 157,000-square-foot ISO certified facility has direct access to rail, trucking and marine shipping. From our in-house laboratory to our state-of-the-art distribution centre, Irving’s main focus is exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our commitment to safety, people, community and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart; we are one company with multiple solutions.

Used oil analysis

Our experts can analyze your used engine oil, as well as transmission and differential fluids, to provide a detailed report on physical properties and wear. As a result, you’ll have all the information you need to keep your vehicle on the road and out of the repair shop.

Private label

We can make your brand’s products your way by providing full private-label manufacturing services for Canada, the US and more than 25 additional countries worldwide.


We have the right product for your unique applications

Passenger Car

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Two Cycle Engine Oils

Manual Transmission & Gear Oils

Grease Complete Line


Chain Saw Lubricants

Railroad Oil

Turbine Oil

Compressor Lubricant

Marine Engine Oils

White Oil

Hydraulic Fluids

Heat Transfer And Circulating Fluids

Cylinder Oil Heavy Lubricants

Machine Form And Cutting Oil

Paper Machine Oil

Metal Working Fluid

Rock Drill EP Oil

Custom Order

Mixed & Blended to suit you.

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