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Heat Transfer & Circulating Fluids

HEAT TRANSFER 200SP – Maximum Thermal Stability

HEAT TRANSFER 200SP is specifically designed for maximum performance in closed circulating heat transfer systems equipped with expansion tank and nitrogen blanket. This arrangement prevents excessive oxidation that would otherwise occur when hot oil contacts atmospheric oxygen. Such systems can operate at temperatures up to 316ºC or 300 ºC with a 46 grade.

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HT 70 – Economical Flushing/Circulating Fluid

HT 70 is formulated using pure high-quality paraffinic base oils with a good natural viscosity index (VI) with clear, light yellow colour and excellent colour stability. HT 70 is ideal for band-saw lubrication in sawmills.

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Syn Circulating Oil – 100% Synthetic

SYN CIRCULATING OIL oils are blended using polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon fluid and contain very effective oxidation and corrosion inhibitors. These oils have excellent oxidation and thermal stability. They also have excellent demulsibility characteristics, separating rapidly from water. They also show excellent air-release properties and excellent foam resistance.

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