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Passenger Cars Engine Oils

Max1 Advanced – 100% Synthetic

MAX 1 Advanced 100% Synthetic is designed to meet the most severe demands of modern motoring. New engine hardware, particularly the latest turbocharged direct-injection engines, place increased thermal and loading stress on your engine oil.

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Advant - Ultra High Performance Full Synthetic

ADVANT 100% synthetic passenger car motor oil offers the ultimate in lubricant protection for European gasoline and diesel powered automobiles.

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Max1 Conventional - 20W-50

MAX1 Conventional Motor Oil has been formulated to meet or exceed the highest qualifications and specifications of the North American motor industry.

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Max1 Synthetic Blend - Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

MAX 1 Synthetic Blend is formulated with ultra-pure synthetic base oils to provide enhanced engine performance and trouble-free motoring.

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