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Manual Transmission & Gear Oils

HDH – Heavy Duty Hypoid Gear Oil

HDH is amber to dark colored mineral oil. HDH oils are extreme pressure (EP) automotive gear lubricants made from high quality, high viscosity index (VI) paraffinic base oils. Their special additives make them particularly effective at providing high load-carrying protection with excellent rust, corrosion and foam prevention. Excellent oxidation control and thermal stability prevents the formation of sludge and deposits, leaving clean gears after many thousands of miles service.

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GEAR OIL – Extreme Heavy Duty Gear Oil

GEAR OIL is intended for use as heavy-duty, Extreme Pressure (EP) oil for industrial gear sets. Each grade in the series is blended from quality, high viscosity index (VI) paraffinic base oils.

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SYN GEAR – Full Synthetic Gear Oil

Synthetic oils have a degree of natural ‘multi-grading’, SYN GEAR oils offer a wider operating temperature range than the equivalent grades of mineral-based gear oils. This can be important in applications where low temperature startup may be needed or where there is a wide variation in ambient temperatures.

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SYN HDH and SYN TRANS 50 use synthetic base oils for excellent stability, long life, extreme temperature operation, improved fuel economy, reduced wear and cleaner components. Mack Trucks Inc approves SYN HDH for use under its GO-J and GO-J Plus programs and also approves SYN TRANS 50 under its TO-A Plus program.

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