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Hydraulic Fluids

TRACTOR HYDRAULIC – Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

Irving Premium Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is a year-round, multi-grade product formulated for use in transmissions, finaldrives, wet brakes and any farm tractors or construction equipment that uses a common fluid reservoir.

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HYDRAULIC – Premium Hydraulic Oil

IRVING PREMIUM HYDRAULIC oils are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils. These oils are blended from quality paraffinic mineral oil which gives them their ability to maintain their viscosity over a relatively wide range of operating temperatures.

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HYDRAULIC LP – High Performance Hydraulic Oil

HYDRAULIC LOW POUR oils are high performance, multi-grade, anti-wear hydraulic oils. They offer the same wear and corrosion protection as traditional hydraulic oils, but operate over a wider range of operating temperatures. The usefulness of traditional hydraulic oil is limited by minimum and maximum allowable temperatures, unlike the Hydraulic LP. Low temperatures will cause traditional hydraulic oils to thicken, where it can become too viscous to feed the pump fast enough, resulting in noise and wear damage. In high temperatures the oils can become too thin, reducing the film thickness between moving parts of the machine, which increases friction and wear

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HYDRAULIC HP – High Performance Hydraulic

HYDRAULIC HP is a high performance, multi-grade, anti-wear, synthetic hydraulic fluid developed to provide extended service life and year round performance. The synthetic base oil and superior additive chemistry offers advanced wear protection, corrosion protection and doubles the service life compared to typical hydraulic fluids. Modern hydraulic system designs utilize smaller fluid reservoirs placing an even greater demand on the hydraulic fluid. Thermal stability and the ability to release air are critical to the durability of these new systems.

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HYDRAULIC SAFETY FLUIDS – Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

HYDRAULIC SAFETY FLUIDS are non-explosive hydraulic fluids with a high degree of fire resistance, for use where there are potential sources of ignition. These fluids have been formulated to resist combustion while providing excellent wear, corrosion and rust protection. Note: these fluids should not be thought of as “nonflammable” but more correctly, fire-resistant.

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BIO-HYDRAULIC - Premium Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Irving Bio-Hydraulic 46 is a premium environmentally responsible hydraulic fluid engineered to provide exceptional performance in hydraulic and circulation systems.

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HYDRAULIC ZF 46 - Premium Zinc Free, Inherently Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

HYDRAULIC ZF46 is a premium high performance zinc free, inherently biodegradable hydraulic fluid, developed to perform in extreme conditions and environmentally sensitive areas. The Hydraulic ZF46 additive system means superior oxidation and stability while providing protection from wear, rust and corrosion. The end result is a silicone free, low foaming product.

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HYDRAULIC HP – Premium Synthetic

HYDRAULIC HP PREMIUM is a high performance 100% synthetic anti-wear hydraulic fluid developed to provide extended service life and year-round performance. The synthetic base oil and superior additive chemistry offers advanced wear protection, corrosion protection and was designed for use in hydrostatic systems commonly used in construction and forestry equipment.

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